ocm add routingslips [<options>] <component-version> <routing-slip> <type>


  -S, --algorithm string     signature handler (default "RSASSA-PKCS1-V1_5")
      --comment string       comment field value
      --digest string        parent digest to use
      --entry YAML           routing slip entry specification (YAML)
  -h, --help                 help for routingslips
      --links strings        links to other slip/entries (<slipname>[@<digest>])
      --lookup stringArray   repository name or spec for closure lookup fallback
      --repo string          repository name or spec


Add a routing slip entry for the specified routing slip name to the given component version. The name is typically a DNS domain name followed by some qualifiers separated by a slash (/). It is possible to use arbitrary types, the type is not checked, if it is not known. Accordingly, an arbitrary config given as JSON or YAML can be given to determine the attribute set of the new entry for unknown types.

The following list describes the well-known entry types explicitly supported by this version of the CLI, their versions and specification formats. Other kinds of entries can be configured using the –entry option.

  • Entry type comment

    An unstructured comment as entry in a routing slip.

    The following versions are supported:

    • Version v1

      The type specific specification fields are:

      • comment string

        Any text as entry in a routing slip.

    Options used to configure fields: –comment

If the –repo option is specified, the given names are interpreted relative to the specified repository using the syntax


If no –repo option is specified the given names are interpreted as located OCM component version references:

[<repo type>::]<host>[:<port>][/<base path>]//<component>[:<version>]

Additionally there is a variant to denote common transport archives and general repository specifications

[<repo type>::]<filepath>|<spec json>[//<component>[:<version>]]

The –repo option takes an OCM repository specification:

[<repo type>::]<configured name>|<file path>|<spec json>

For the Common Transport Format the types directory, tar or tgz is possible.

Using the JSON variant any repository types supported by the linked library can be used:

Dedicated OCM repository types:

  • ComponentArchive: v1

OCI Repository types (using standard component repository to OCI mapping):

  • CommonTransportFormat: v1
  • OCIRegistry: v1
  • oci: v1
  • ociRegistry

If a component lookup for building a reference closure is required the –lookup option can be used to specify a fallback lookup repository. By default, the component versions are searched in the repository holding the component version for which the closure is determined. For Component Archives this is never possible, because it only contains a single component version. Therefore, in this scenario this option must always be specified to be able to follow component references.


$ ocm add routingslip comment --entry "comment=some text"

See Also

  • ocm add — Add elements to a component repository or component version