ocm create componentarchive [<options>] <component> <version> --provider <provider-name> {--provider <label>=<value>} {<label>=<value>}


  -F, --file string            target file/directory (default "component-archive")
  -f, --force                  remove existing content
  -h, --help                   help for componentarchive
  -p, --provider stringArray   provider attribute
  -S, --scheme string          schema version (default "v2")
  -t, --type string            archive format (directory, tar, tgz) (default "directory")


Create a new component archive. This might be either a directory prepared to host component version content or a tar/tgz file (see option –type).

A provider must be specified, additional provider labels are optional.

The –type option accepts a file format for the target archive to use. The following formats are supported:

  • directory
  • tar
  • tgz

The default format is directory.

If the option –scheme is given, the specified component descriptor format is used/generated.

The following schema versions are supported for explicit conversions:

  • v2 (default)


$ ocm create componentarchive --file myfirst --provider --provider 1.0

See Also

  • ocm create — Create transport or component archive