Logging can be configured as part of the ocm config file (ocm configfile) or by command line options of the ocm command. Details about the YAML structure of a logging settings can be found on https://github.com/mandelsoft/logging.

The command line also supports some quick-config options for enabling log levels for dedicated tags and realms or realm prefixes (logging keys).

The following tags are used by the command line tool:

  • blobhandler: execution of blob handler used to upload resource blobs to an ocm repository.
  • cd-diff: component descriptor modification

The following realms are used by the command line tool:

  • ocm: general realm used for the ocm go library.
  • ocm/NPM: NPM registry
  • ocm/accessmethod/ociartifact: access method ociArtifact
  • ocm/accessmethod/wget: access method for wget
  • ocm/blobaccess/wget: blob access for wget
  • ocm/compdesc: component descriptor handling
  • ocm/config: configuration management
  • ocm/context: context lifecycle
  • ocm/credentials/dockerconfig: docker config handling as credential repository
  • ocm/credentials/vault: HashiCorp Vault Access
  • ocm/downloader: Downloaders
  • ocm/oci/mapping: OCM to OCI Registry Mapping
  • ocm/oci/ocireg: OCI repository handling
  • ocm/plugins: OCM plugin handling
  • ocm/processing: output processing chains
  • ocm/refcnt: reference counting
  • ocm/toi: TOI logging
  • ocm/transfer: OCM transfer handling
  • ocm/valuemerge: value marge handling


    type: logging.config.ocm.software
    contextType: attributes.context.ocm.software
      defaultLevel: Info
        - ...

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