Command: transfer commontransportarchive


ocm transfer commontransportarchive [<options>] <ctf> <target>


  -V, --copy-resources            transfer referenced resources by-value
  -h, --help                      help for commontransportarchive
  -f, --overwrite                 overwrite existing component versions
      --script string             config name of transfer handler script
  -s, --scriptFile string         filename of transfer handler script
  -t, --type string               archive format (directory, tar, tgz) (default "directory")
      --uploader <name>=<value>   repository uploader (<name>:<artifact type>:<media type>=<JSON target config) (default [])


Transfer content of a Common Transport Archive to the given target repository.

The –type option accepts a file format for the target archive to use. The following formats are supported:

  • directory
  • tar
  • tgz

The default format is directory.

It the option –overwrite is given, component version in the target repository will be overwritten, if they already exist.

It the option –copy-resources is given, all referential resources will potentially be localized, mapped to component version local resources in the target repository. This behaviour can be further influenced by specifying a transfer script with the script option family.

If the –uploader option is specified, appropriate uploaders are configured for the transport target. It has the following format

<name>:<artifact type>:<media type>=<yaml target config>

The uploader name may be a path expression with the following possibilities:

  • ocm/ociRegistry: oci Registry upload for local OCI artifact blobs. The media type is optional. If given ist must be an OCI artifact media type.
  • plugin/[/<uploader name]: uploader provided by plugin.

It is possible to use a dedicated transfer script based on spiff. The option –scriptFile can be used to specify this script by a file name. With –script it can be taken from the CLI config using an entry of the following format:

    path: <filepath> 

Only one of the fields path or script can be used.

If no script option is given and the cli config defines a script default this one is used.


$ ocm transfer ctf ctf.tgz

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