About the OCM Project

The Open Component Model provides a standard for describing delivery artifacts that can be accessed from many types of component repositories.

The following projects form this set of solutions (and more are in the works):

  • OCM Specifications - The ocm-spec repository contains semantic, formatting, and other types of specifications for OCM.
  • OCM Library - The OCM Go library contains an API for interacting with the Open Component Model (OCM) elements and mechanisms. A usage example can be found here.
  • OCM CLI - The ocm CLI may also be used to interact with OCM mechanisms. It makes it easy to create component versions and embed them in build processes. Examples can be found in this Makefile.

Here are some suggested starting points:

  • Read about the problem statement that the OCM set of solutions can help to solve.
  • Start with the documentation about Model Elements here.
  • Check out this demo that integrates with Flux as a CD solution.


We welcome all contributions from the community!

Please read the Contributing Guide for instructions on how to contribute.–